2nd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

Entries for the Shorty Social Good Awards are open now! Official categories listed below.
The regular deadline is August 30, 2017

Public Service Announcement

This award honors the most creative and effective public service announcement run across any platform.

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"What She Said" #WomensEqualityDay
Our goal with this video was to create a rousing chorus comprised of voices of female leadership from all walks of life, age, geography, and economic backgrounds. We intended to make plain why women are the key to future peace and prosperity, and to underscore the importance of Women's Equality Day.
Our objective was to generate awareness of the digital divide and lack of STEM education and context in today's America.At the same time, we aimed to increase brand sentiment and awareness of Verizon's role in helping close the digital divide, while generating advocacy for the cause.
In the digital age, the average age of exposure to porn is 11-years-old. Additionally, 87% of hardcore online porn is either verbally or physically violent towards women and overall leaves unrealistic expectations. Psychologists, sex educators, and teachers state that today, it's never been more important for parents to talk to kids about the difference b...
Social impact is in Viacom's DNA. We spearhead conversations around issues that matter most to our fans. With 1 in 3 American households grappling with addiction, this is an issue of unprecedented scope with a major impact on our audience. We established our objectives as follows: 1) Encourage dialogue to break down shame and stigma, 2) Drive awareness o...
Money Doesn't Make it OK
The goal was to grab attention by attacking the claim that hunters actually help preservation by paying to hunt. Ridiculous. Since trophy hunting is huge debate on social media, this video intended to raise the discussion once again, call these hunters out on their bullshit, and reignite the public's anger over Cecil. The ultimate goal? Collect donations ...
Take Down Gun Violence
Take Down Gun Violence:On average, there are more than one mass shooting a day in the United States. With arguments raging on how to manage the epidemic of gun violence, something needed to be done to save lives now.Inspired by public safety choking communications, we created shooting survival posters, website, social pages and video. Designed to be displ...
The Standing O
The 2016 Presidential election was an uncomfortable and divisive period in American politics. It distracted from the fact that something monumental was coming to an end: after eight years of change, decency, and hope, President Obama was about to leave office. And as the media covered more and more of the chaos surrounding the inauguration of Donald Trump...
We Are America
Love Has No Labels was created with the mission to combat bias with love. Our campaigns aredesigned to flood culture with diverse images of love to normalize them, and thereby reduce our implicit bias towards those who are different from us.In its first year, Love Has No Labels demonstrated the power of love to bond two individuals together despite the bi...

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